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The Light Quality From China Design Foldable Beauty Dish? Boudoir Photography

by Ken Tam — last modified Feb 24, 2013 02:55 PM

Ken Tam Photography - Color Management

Ken Tam Photography - Portrait Catch Light

Single light without reflector

Single light with silver reflector hand hold by assistant

Members in STROBE LIGHT DIARY forum ask for sample images that show the light quality of the China Design Foldable Beauty Dish, The first 2 images is what I have provided... to explain this light modifier, they are capture during the setup of a boudoir photography session in Macau. The one used for this photographs is 85cm white finish and without the sock.

For me the light from this light modifier is very soft with good quality... and it is good for day to day based location headshot - 3/4 portrait, It's light output is different from standard beauty dishes with a broader area but it do very well in hotspot control(because of the deflector), the only thing you may complain is it project a different catch light(or strange catch light) ;)

I do used this dish for some full length model photography (will suggest to cover it with the sock), it work well and just result a touch extra bit of contrast due to the distance, but due too it's characteristic(deduct 1.2 stop of light), it will be not my choice for using it out door to against the bright sun.

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